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To All My Patients,

I want to update everyone on where our office stands in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic.  On advice from our State and Federal Public Health authorities, we are not currently seeing patients in our office, but are doing teleheath visits.

If you have not already signed up for our patient portal I would encourage you to do so.  All patients should have received a portal invite in the past, but if you need assistance your can contact our office.  Your login for the portal is your last name and first name with the first letter of each capitalized, for example:  PattersonDavid.  If you have forgotten your password you can request a password reset on the portal.



Medication Refills:  If you need refills you can send us a note on our patient portal telling us what medications you need and what pharmacy you would like them sent to.  If you are overdue for your follow-up appointment we will require you to complete a telehealth visit before we refill any prescriptions.

Allergy Shot Patients: If you are on the maintenance dose of your allergy shots (getting shots monthly), missing 1-2 months of injections should not cause much of a problem.  Remember, the immunologic changes caused by allergy shots take weeks to months to happen when you first started on allergy shots (the build-up phase).  These immunologic changes are not undone by missing a few weeks or a few months of allergy injections.

For our patients who are in the process of building on the allergy shots, missing weeks to month of allergy shots will necessitate us having to reduce your dose, unfortunately there is just no way around this.  Once we get the all clear from the public health authorities, we will move quickly to restart allergy injections.

Office Hours:  Let me also give a big thank you to my dedicated staff who are working very hard to keep our practice open during these difficult times.  Please be courteous and patient with our staff as we do our best to accommodate the medical needs of you and your family.

Finally, as a clinical immunologist, I would be remiss if I did not suggest to you and your family evidence-based ways to imporove the function of your immune system.  Three things have been shown in the peer-reviewed medical literature to help improve immune function.  They are in no particular order:  getting six or more hours of sleep every night, exercise (anyting you like to do to get your heartrate up for 30 minutes 4-5 tiems per week) and eating multiple servings of vegetables, fruit and mushrooms weekly.

Sincerely, David L. Patterson MD


Welcome to Academy Allergy. We are committed to providing every patient with the highest quality of medical care by emphasizing excellence in all aspects of patient management.

Dr. David Patterson and his staff offer the professional medical care patients need and the personal attention they deserve. Dr. Patterson specializes in the comprehensive care of adults and children suffering from allergies, asthma, urticaria, bronchitis, sinusitis and other respiratory problems.  Dr Patterson is also an immunologist and treats patients with immune deficiency.

Pediatric and Adult Allergy Testing

Allergy testing is a painless and convenient way to determine what you are allergic to.  Allergy testing is availiable for indoor, outdoor, food or drug allergies.  Allergies can cause sneezing, congestion, runny nose and itching.  Once the allergy is determined an appropriate treatment can be started.

Patient Portal:

Please sign up for our patient portal to have access to all your medical records, send secure messages to our staff, view up-coming appointments and pay bills.  Call our office, 317-621-2455, to request a login today. 

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